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"We take homeless women and their children under our wing and create homeowners."

"Over the past decade the fastest growing homeless group in this country is single women with children. Many of these women are working but cannot earn enough to provide safe permanent housing. Traditional assistance programs often fail to provide the full spectrum of support needed to break the cycle of dependency."

What We Do

Sparrow's Nest- An Overview

Goals- The goal of Sparrow's Nest is to take homeless women and their children under our wing and create homeowners. We do this in four ways: by surrounding them with support, by equipping them with skills they need to succeed, by holding them accountable to their goals and by providing housing that they can afford to own.Model- The Sparrow's Nest model is not just about affordable housing. It is about building a community of support which enables a family to grow and succeed. This Sparrow's Nest model has been tested an proven successful beginning as the Christian Services Project Home Again. Adding the missing pieces of affordable housing, professional case management, and authentic community makes the new Sparrow's Nest housing concept capable of producing lasting positive outcomes.Methods- A Sparrow's Nest Partner Church identifies five to ten volunteers called the Church Ministry Team, who make a commitment to building a relationship with one family over a period of 18 months. Together with the program manager and the Quality Living Program the Partner Church Ministry Team provides the opportunity for the single mom family to change her life forever.Expected Results- Upon successful completion of the program, the Sparrow's Nest Family will have the opportunity to purchase the mobile home for a token sum and move forward in life as home owners! They will have learned valuable life skills that will sustain them in their new independent status and will have experienced the love of Jesus through his people.

Sparrow'’s Nest operates in partnership with Christian Services/Love Inc.

Sparrow’'s Nest is a 501(c)3 organization; all contributions are tax deductible.

Sparrow’s Nest is not affiliated with Sparrow Health System.

Sparrow's Nest :: P.O. Box 22112 Lansing, MI 48909-2112

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